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| Posted by Smasher9a | December 27, 2005 | - Belated Christmas

First off i hope every one had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year in 4 days time :)

I got an email about a week ago asking why i didn't have the snow effect and christmas theme on the site like i did last year, in short i couldn't be stuffed even putting up real decorations this year let alone the ones on the site.

In reality putting now up a show effect while living in Australia in kind of stupid, if i put up little sun's and pictures of ppl melting to death it would be a little more accurate although this year i cant complain, it was actually a reasonably cool christmas day. Only got to about 28 degrees celsius (82.4 fahrenheit).

Anyway that's all i had to say for now... That and work sucks and i go back to it tomorrow!! On the plus side more money equals for lancer upgrades and that equals more website updates so there is something to look forward for everyone :P

That reminds me, i haven't updated the site since i got new rear lights and removed some badges, i don't even think i have taken pics yet, ill try and get that done in the next week lol


| Posted by Smasher9a | November 4, 2005 | - Site Fixes and Boycotting EA

Well i started to fix the menu and i found a few more errors on the site and just some other crap i wanted to fix. Below is a list of fixes and updates.

Menu - Recreated from scratch and fixed to work on all C&C Support pages
Menu Loading - Loading times have been dramatically improved on IE and Firefox, a quick script tweak
News/Update Bar (Below Site Banner) - Turned into an iframe (inline frame) so updating it will be easier
Bold Font - Bold font was appearing on the hit counter and menu/update bar as well as other random places, fixed style sheet was causing it.
Wallpapers - Font style/size was different to rest of pages and didn't match with site
Nintendo Themes - fixed missing links
Font Size - i am going blind editing size 10 verdana font at 3am in the morning so its being changed to 11 lol

As well as all the fixes i have decide to use all my hate for EA and setup a section on this site, for now i will just post in the news section but it will be coming soon.

So i bet some of you are wondering what stupid act has EA done this time to piss more people off? Well its simple, after 10 years of C&C and Westwood studios they had decided to shutdown all WOL (Westwood Online) servers. This means all C&C games such as Tiberian Sun/FireStorm, Red Alert 1&2 and expansions and Renegade (as well as many others) are no longer supported by EA.

The fact that at the press conference EA also tries to make it sound like they are doing something good for the C&C franchise, its quite clear that if it isn't making money for them its no going to be supported and to me if a company doesn't support the game with patches/updates or online play and the game isn't in production anymore it is abandonware and 100% free to download and distribute online. Ill look into doing this later, for now enjoy a read of the an EA notification:

EA Partners with XWIS Community Service
Discussion topic, help and information can be found by clicking this link

Greetings from your C&C Community Manager!

To continue the ten year anniversary celebration of the widely popular Command and Conquer franchise, I am pleased to reveal EA’s partnership with XWIS (XCC WOL IRC SERVER)!

Through this partnership, all Command and Conquer games formerly supported by EA/Westwood Online will be redirected through XWIS, thus instituting XWIS as the main online game server management team. XWIS is a community driven online game server that launched in October 2003 to replace the XCC Community Ladder. The new and improved features enabled include chat, in-game ranks, matching filters, lobby monitoring, improved Quick-Match, and fully functional automatic ladders for clans and individual tournament players. The beauty of this partnership is that you won’t have to download any external programs to utilize XWIS. All the enabled features and connections to the servers are already integrated into the supported games!

I’m also excited to share with you that the Strike Team will be monitoring the banning and anti-cheat controls on a daily basis and will provide technical support as needed. The Strike Team is a website built of hardcore Command and Conquer fans and is sponsored by the EA German Community Team. Their goal is to ensure a controlled and fun online environment for all players.

XWIS will commence a two week trial period with Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 and Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge. Once this trial is completed on Oct. 20th, XWIS will be supporting the following EA/Westwood online games:

* Command & Conquer Red Alert 2
* Command & Conquer Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge
* Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn
* Command & Conquer The Covert Operations
* Command & Conquer Red Alert
* Command & Conquer Red Alert: Counterstrike
* Command & Conquer Red Alert: Aftermath
* Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun
* Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun: Firestorm
* Command & Conquer Renegade
* Dune 2000
* Nox
* Emperor: Battle for Dune

EA is 100% dedicated to the Command and Conquer franchise and wants to ensure a strong and secure online gameplay environment. Long live Command and Conquer! We hope to see resurgence in the legions of NOD and GDI followers claiming ground online.

Good luck soldier. Hit the hot keys and get online with Command and Conquer!



Community Manager & Marketing Liaison


This all took effect as of the 1st of November 2005. I use to enjoy a few rounds of Tiberian Sun and Renegade every week but that's all going to change :(

Tiberian Sun has still got allot of players on XWIS, more so then WOL had for the past few years but the 10,000 players that use to log onto Renegade daily has been reduced to less then 200 :(

Click Here to go to the XWIS website, its better then nothing i guess...
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| Posted by Smasher9a | November 1, 2005 | - Nothingness and Zelda :)

To start with i am sure "Nothingless" isn't a word but as most of you regular visitors would know i don't discriminate against all the poor words that didn't make it into the dictionary, i am sure if they keep fighting for it words like.... fuck i cant think of any right now... anyway one day there will be a time for all nonexistent useless words that we cant use because there not real words will become real words and be placed in a dictionary :)

Anyway onto my actual news post :P

I am realizing as of late i don't get much time to update my page with new news/downloads (or even fix the downloads script!) so i am going to start making regular posts when ever i find something good or something cool happens i need to post :)

To start with 2 sites i visit purely for laughs:

http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/ - The guy that runs this site finds pics of celebs that have had plastic surgery and then points them out for the words to see, not so much of a funny site but interesting site.

http://www.thesuperficial.com/ - Once again the guys that runs this site deals with celebs except he post basically any news there is to know about them as well as videos/pics of funny crap as well as accident exposures (alone time hand at the ready all you perverts) and also adds his own personal comment after each news article, i don't think he has said one good thing about anyone yet :P

Now onto more interesting news, some of you know i am a Nintendo fanboy and as a Nintendo fanboy its my job to worship Zelda and sometimes i get the urges to hunt down and kill Sony fanboys but i am working that out slowly in therapy. Anyway most of you Zelda fans have been following all the news with the new Zelda Twilight Princess coming out in Q1 or Q2 2006, unless it gets fucking delayed again! I had this fucking game on pre-order since March!!!

Anyway enough of my psychotic ramblings for now, there was a new video of this released a few days ago, a direct dump of the Nintendo developers DVD. I just finished grabbing it of one of those high speed jap sites that has such a high bandwidth of 200 or 300kbps... for 100,000 users to share... Well now that i have finally got it i have put it up for downloads in my downloads section... and if you belive that you haven't been paying attention while i have been bitching becasue my downloads section is fucked...

So i decided to just let my loyal fans (and the few billion other site) direct link this download :)

Approx 492mb for a whole 2:16 of footage... its Zelda and its good so don't bitch and just download here.

Btw no one be a moron and left click the link, right click "save target as" or if your using a real browser like firefox right click "save link as".

One last update for today, allot of news story's are coming up about the new AMD M2 socket with DDR2 support. The part i don't get is how the fuck is this new? I heard about it in an AMD training road show back in August! I have put a PDF up for download as well containing 162 pages of pure AMD info on old, current and future CPUs with a lot of Intel CPU comparisons. Perfect to prove all those retarded intel fanboys wrong! Click Here to master AMD architecture.

** PDF password is marty - lowercase! **

Btw Nothingness is a word according to Dictionary.Com

  1. The condition or quality of being nothing; nonexistence.
  2. Empty space; a void.
  3. Lack of consequence; insignificance.
  4. Something inconsequential or insignificant.


| Posted by Smasher9a | August 15, 2005 | - An Update :)

Its an amazing thing, an update after only 3 months! You can all say it, i know its true - i being a slack arse for the last 3 or 4 months. Anyway here is a minor update to keep u all happy till i fix this download scrip script - hasn't effected site though, 5 - 10gb still gets transferred monthly so ppl are still findings stuff to get lol.

Also a big apology to Vaggelis who emailed me 4 new Nintendo Themes back on the 29th of July, don't worry i haven't forgotten about you and ill do my best to get them up on the next update :)

As for the downloads script i got no idea what to do, my original idea of direct links with a click counter to monitor them would start to get messy as i add more files so i am going to try find another script - might even end up using the same one again lol.


| Posted by Smasher9a | May 24, 2005 | - Downloads Fucked

I sure do make it clear with headings :)
Anyway no idea why it has happened but the MySQL database that held the downloads has decided to take its own life and magically delete itself lol. An attempt to remake the database then made PaFileDB (The script running the downloads) basically said "That's not my database, time to fuck you over even more and not let you login as admin". I will sort this crap out and hopefully have a new downloads page up in the next week. I will use a simple click counter to monitor downloads and allow anyone to link to the files.


| Posted by Smasher9a | May 24, 2005 | - Added Rev Pics

Found a few more pictures of the new Nintendo Revolution while browsing some sites so i have added them to the previous news post. The pictures show the Revolution removed from stand and two different angels with a DVD. I never realized how small it was but Nintendo once again has the smallest console and this time it doesn't look crap :)

Also just a quick note for all Nintendo fans. The revolution will be backwards compatible to the Gamecube. The single regular size slot DVD drive at the front also accepts the mini Gamecube discs. This is the first slot drive that will take both sizes of media.

Lastly my favorite point i found on the E3 site, a quote from Nintendo CEO himself, Iwata-san "Finally, the Revolution will be an all-in-one box, allowing you to simply play all retro titles ever created on any Nintendo branded living room system. From NES to Super NES, N64 and GameCube! Most of the classics will be available for download, a media-rights content managing software being integrated in the system for this purpose"

Now that is what i am looking forward too. Also the fact to do that a internal hard drive will be very likely to store all the downloads :)


| Posted by Smasher9a | May 22, 2005 | - Consoles

Well its been a very slow past few weeks. If it wasn't for the midnight screening of Star wars Episode 3 i could honestly say nothing in the past 3 weeks has been something i would care if never happened.

Although the new XBox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Revolution pics that have been released everywhere have been very cool. All that i can think is XBox is still chunky, WTF was sony thinking when they made that boomerang of a control and revolution looks like 1980's VCR with a neon :P

Without further adu i give you the pictures of the new consoles line up :D

Microsoft XBox 360

Most of you would have seen the new XBox already, still its part of the net gen consoles so belongs here :)


Sony Play Station 3

Well the design is different.. a little too different some say... ok it just plain sucks but hey, its a Sony so people will still buy it...


Nintendo Revolution

Better then the Gamecube thats for sure but seriously what 1980's VCR was this modeled on? On the good point everyone can clearly see the backwards compatibility ports on the 3rd image.

Regardless of looks i want an XBox and Revolution (Did i forget PS3? I think not... Fucken Sony :P)

Btw just encase anyone hasent noticed yet i have the new menu all setup :)


| Posted by Smasher9a | May 6, 2005 | - NetBux

Well while reading up on some forums i found a very cool add for a site called NetBux. Basically how it works is you register on the site and use it to search the net and get paid .02 a search to do it. Only allowed to search 40 times a day so you make .80 US a day. You can then sign up other people and if they search 40 times a day they get .80 and so do you. So basically if you have 10 referrals signed up each doing 40 searches a day you can make $264 US a month. Now imagine that with 20, 50 or even 100 referrals.

To sign up first you will need a PayPal account (that's how they give you the money you make), sign up for one free at PayPal.com. Once you have done that or if you already have a PayPal account simply go to NetBux.com and click register.

Now onto more Smasher9a.Com related news and less money making news :)

I been messing around with some DHTML menu scripts and on my next update will be putting one into effect on this site to replace the current menu. The look of it will be identical only a few of the buttons will be able to have a menu appear to the right of them continuing more pages or just quick links to sub pages.


| Posted by Smasher9a | April 26, 2005 | - Aussie Hiphop Radio

We are currently in P2P Unite week with 2 days ago, remember no buying CD/DVD's or going to the movies until the P2P Unite week is over :-)

en that close to nothing has happened around Smasher9a.Com in the past month, thus the reason for me not posting anything :-P

I am currently in the middle of buying a new computer so just for the hell of it when i am complete ill make a page on it similar to the "My Lancer" section. While i am on the subject hopefully i will have some spare money in the next month or so to get some more stuff done to my car, wont be anything major but ill post about it as soon as i get it done.

Now for the main reason for this update. A friend of mine is hosting a Aussie Hiphop radio station. He is just getting started and need some listener support so if anyone reading this is into Hiphop have a listen to some Aussie hiphop over at Hiphop.Smasher9a.Com. This site is just so he can get started. Once he is established and has a reasonable listener base he will get his own URL and ill post a link to it but for now enjoy :-)


| Posted by Smasher9a | March 29, 2005 | - Update Complete

I have finally had time to go through and correct every link for the cnc-support section, that section of the site offers support guides showing how to get the original C&C and red alert games working on Windows XP. This should all be working fine not but if anyone finds any incorrect linking or something else they fell i have made in error in that section of anywhere on the site please E-Mail me and let me know.

Just a quick announcement about the continuing HD-DVD and Blu-Ray fight. A top executive at Sony, one of Blu-Ray's major backers, has opened the door to the possibility of uniting the format with its rival HD-DVD. This has come out only recently as Sony works out the cheapest possible production cost of a Blu-Ray disc is a whopping $16 US compared to .45 US cents for a HD-DVD. Not sure about you but i rather by 35 HD-DVD's then 1 Blu-Ray :)

I have just registered my URL for 5 years as my initial 1 year contract runs out in 3 weeks. With this URL extension i double my storage limit, what does this mean? No, unfortunately you will not be seeing masses of free porn (although that would be very nice addon to the site) but there will be more space for me to put up downloads in the future :)

Nothing else interesting has happened on Smasher9a.Com but it does appear Britney Spears has once again gotten breast implants :P For the full story check out the latest news article on Awful Plastic Surgery. There is also a direct link to the article Here if it ever disappears of the front page :)


| Posted by Smasher9a | March 10, 2005 | - HD-DVD Vs. Blu-Ray

A few of you may remember i started a topic a while back with some basic info to HD-DVD and Blu-Ray technology. Well since a bit more information has come out about it i thought it was time for an update. The main question i have been seeing is who is backing what and when will these be released. Ok to start with and answering the "who is backing what" part of the question, read below:

Backing Blu-Ray: Sony, Philips, Pioneer, Panasonic, Sharp, Samsung, Thomson, LG and Hitachi
Backing HD-DVD: Toshiba, Nec and Microsoft

As for when there going to be released, i would have to say about 3 months ago but when will they actually be available anywhere but Japan, in the next month or two you should see them slowly phase into shops.

The first off the line is Panasonic with its Blu-Ray player and recorder. This is known as the DMR-E700BD, this is the only product to be shown that isn't a prototype and is currently available in Japan for $2700 and even plays all 3 movies available in the Blu-Ray format - What a way to spend $2700...

Next was another Panasonic Blu-Ray device, this time without the capability to record. No model number was given for this device and there is still an unconfirmed rumor floating around that Panasonic ran out of time before the show and had to use the same cases as they did for the previous model but with slight modifications. Defiantly a prototype design.

As usually the leaders in DVD technology come in to rule the show, Pioneer shows off there prototype BDR-1000, a Blu-Ray player and recorder that even has the capability to play back HD-DVD's. A release date is set for late April early May so not too many changes will be made in that time, my bet is this prototype is exactly what you will be getting in a few months time with no changes at all.

There was one more player showed off during the show. The ex-leaders from the DVD industry Toshiba show off there HD-DVD player. Its nice to know there are still companies out there spending millions to produce something that is already extinct...

Even Verbatim thought it would be good to get in early and show off some of there Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs. Good old Verbatim , first in the show and last in the profits :)


| Posted by Smasher9a | March 06, 2005 | - 1000 Smasher9a's

Two days ago Smasher9a.com reached 1000 downloads, i would just like to thank everyone that has downloaded something and contributed to my download counter. The most popular file at the time was MSN 7.0.0322 + 7.0.0425 Patch with 87 downloads.

Let me also apologies for the lack or updates. I see my last update was back in late January, i remember those times, back when i was still on holiday and had time to myself before my first year of Tafe started (College, or what ever you call it where you life, the one after high school).

Ill try and update this site at least once a month, i am really trying to find time to get those C&C Renegade videos done and C&C Support section done i just keep getting side tracked and before you know it a month has gone by and still haven't done anything.

The only real update i have done this month is in the 'My Lancer' section again as it has been the last few updates.


| Posted by Smasher9a | January 21, 2005 | - GTO Madness

A few small updates here and there. All the thumbnail previews have been changed from GIF to JPG format as the GIF images just don't look right when there small, too many imperfections lol. Most noticeable would be all the thumbnail previews on the 'My Lancer' section.

Now onto the reason this news post is named GTO madness. I am sure most of you Americans would have heard the Australian car made by Holden called the Monaro is what gets turned into the Pontiac GTO and shipped over there. In other words in Australia it is known as the Holden Monaro but for Americans is it the Pontiac GTO. Any of you yanks want to see what a real Holden GTO looks like? :-)

| Click To Enlarge |

| Click To Enlarge |

How does this compare to the Pontiac GTO? Pontiac has a V8 5.7l engine with 253Kw (340 horsepower) compared to the Holden V8 6.0l engine with 298Kw (400 horsepower). Not bad for $115,000 ($90,000 US) worth of car hu?


| Posted by Smasher9a | January 21, 2005 | - Header Change

I am sure u all noticed the new header as soon as you got here, i felt the old one didn't stand out enough, Don't have to worry about that anymore :)

There have also been a few other minor updates, i changed the way images are viewed on the 'My Lancer' section, now they open up in there open separate window that's made to fit the images.

Also i now have the hit counter displaying on every page, the problem was that if i had it on each page before it would add on 1 for every page the user viewed, now all it does it displays total and counts the main page only.


| Posted by Smasher9a | January 20, 2005 | - Everything Update

Well its been a very slow new year indeed but i am getting there. A very interesting set back off losing all my emails for no reason didn't help, I opened up Outlook Express this morning and not a single email, i loaded a backup i had from the 20th of December but losing a month and close to 50 emails and about 20 of them to do with eBay stuff i am getting is just annoying now i have to chase all the seller up again up lol.

Anyway if i had lost them all i would most probably be hanging from the lights in my room atm lol. I highly recommend to anyone that stores as many emails as me to backup often, some of the best software i have used is Outlook Express Backup Wizard. Its not free but its worth it, unfortunately there are no cracks for it out yet so if you are looking for a free alternate try out ABF Outlook Express Backup, a few cracks for that around the place.

I added some new pictures to the 'My Lancer' section, go there and check out my new muffler :)

Coming soon will be links to a few of my friends cars sites that are very similar to the my lancer section.

Don't worry i haven't forgot about the Renegade videos, i am learning to use Adobe Premier, its rather shit so far but its going to have to do i only need it do to some minor editing anyway :)


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