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| Posted by Smasher9a | January 03, 2005 | - Videos Added

Well the site update is going well. Everything is progressing fine, i just need to redo each page for the C&C Support section but its still works fine, just the menu uses the old links and not the new ones lol.

I have added a few more Renegade tactics videos to the downloads section, i have to change allot of my current ones and add a few things here and there. Instead of showing the same videos over and over for different maps (e.g. ref jump) i am going to make a "Universal Tactics Videos" section and shows all the tactics that can be used on every map in there.

I nearly forgot, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)


| Posted by Smasher9a | December 30, 2004 | - Site Remade

Well looks the exact same hu? I guess from visual appearance it is nearly 100% the same, the main changes are i made a template file and now editing and making new pages takes less then 10 seconds :)

The styles are no longer embedded within the page, each page now uses the same CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) as each other so its easier to manage fonts and page looks.

The only other changes would be i added a few pics to the 'My Lancer' section of the site and changed the way the pictures appear.

Oh and just an update about the new HD DVD and Blu-Ray technology i mentioned in a previous news post. It seems the consumer will no longer need to purchase 2 separate players because both Pioneer and Toshiba are developing a 2 in 1 system. The only downfall still being some movies will use better format and have superior quality and room for more extras.


| Posted by Smasher9a | December 11, 2004 | - Chrissy Theme + Wallpapers

Well since i cant be stuffed putting up a real tree and since it doesn't snow in Australia i decided to put up a tree and make it snow at smasher9a.com :)

I have had a few emails regarding the script used for the hit counter and will probably get a few for the script for the snow i will add them to the download section the next update.

When i setup the wallpapers section i was too lazy to make thumbnail previews so i simply had dreamweaver resize the actual wallpaper causing huge loading times, i have now got around to making them thumbnail. Thanks to RazorB8 for the reminder :)


| Posted by Smasher9a | December 04, 2004 | - LONG Rest + New Tech

Well bet most of you thought i was dead (and the rest hoped i was lol). Anyway the main reason i haven't done any updates for well over a month was i have just finished finally year of high school and am on my 3 month holiday where i have absolutely nothing to do but relax. As i started to relax i decided to stop doing basically everything i use too, so between the regular meals, toilet and shower brakes i have been sitting at my computer relaxing.

Anyway after just over 6 weeks of relaxing i decided i better start getting back into the swing of things before i start loosing track of what's happening with current technology :)

The most interesting things i have been reading up on are about the XBox 2 and PS3 and the new DVD formats they and movies will be using. The common red laser technology seems it will soon be replaced by blue laser technology, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Toshiba and a few other developers of DVD's are developing HD-DVD (High Definition) discs while Sony Corp is developing Blu-Ray discs.

So far its looking very interesting:

  DVD HD-DVD Blu-ray
Single Layer 4.7gb 15gb 25gb
Dual Layer 9.4gb 30gb 50gb
Transfer Rate 11Mbits/sec 36Mbit/sec 36Mbit/sec
ETA Current Early 2005 Late 2005
(note: ETA stand for Estimated Time of Arrival)

Both HD-DVD and Blu-ray are available in Japan now, Blu-ray players/recorders selling for $2700 US and HD-DVD players/recorders selling for $1900 US. There is currently only 1 blu-ray and 2 HD-DVD players/recorders on the market and all in Japan only.

Now guess what the best part is, some of you i am sure were alive back when betamax and VHS war was going on. Well its about to begin again only this time the financial backing for both parties is close to unlimited. HD-DVD backed by Toshiba and Microsoft and Blu-ray backed by Sony. It doesn't stop there though it gets even worse, DVD movies produced by Sony Tri star and Fox will only be available on Blue-ray while HD-DVD movies will have Warner brother and some only company i forgot the name of available on them. The rest of the companies out there seem to be leaning towards Blu-ray too.

What does all this mean? If you want to play all the available movies you will need to own both a HD-DVD player and a Blu-ray DVD player.

HD-DVD technology stops there though, 30gb is currently the spoken limit while the Blu-ray optical discs of Sony have potential to reach 1tb (that's right 1000gb) in the next 5 years. Then again 5 years is a very long time and who know maybe HD-DVD will be replaced by another format but by the look of things currently Sony are going to lead the world of DVD technology for the first time.

Where does this leave the Nintendo console? Who knows. Nintendo have yet to release any information on there system and it is apparently going to be released in the first half of next year. Since Blu-ray is copyrighted to Sony i don't think the console will feature this, possibly HD-DVD same as the XBox 2 will have but then again Nintendo may develop there own custom discs again just as they did for the Gamecube and we all know how that went.

Nintendo will be the first console on the market but was does this mean? If Nintendo don't start pulling their finger out of it and actually do some advertising and put some effort into the console wars they are soon going to be out of it. Once a great and powerfully console reduce to nearly nothing, its sad really :(

Anyone remember how the Sega Dreamcast went when it was first on the market? I just hope Nintendo don't make the same mistake. Its said that if it wasn't for Pokemon line of product Nintendo would have gone under in 2003/4, currently supported by both Pokemon and the Nintendo DS portable console.

Just for the record i am not pulling this stuff out of my arse, if i was i would have gone with HD-DVD being the better technology and Nintendo wining the console wars because i hate Sony and love Nintendo (and Microsoft isn't half bad either) lol

Btw if any of you were wondering what happened to the S-R-N.net i was going to start up i scrapped the idea. Also apologies to everyone that was waiting on my guide of how to download Halo 2 leak, i never got around to making it so for those that were waiting i am very sorry but i will still put together a guide of how to use Bit Torrent networks for those that don't know how to.


| Posted by Smasher9a | October 24, 2004 | - Download Section

Ok i had the spare time i needed to add in the download section, not much in there now but that is because i spent over 8 hours making it match the look of the rest of the site and i would like to think its a perfect match :)

I have also changed all the pages to get the navigation bar from an iframe, this will save me having to change it on every page for future additions. Not sure how this is going to work but its just to test, i can always change it back if it causes any problems lol

What's to come in the future? Well i was going to make up a quick guide showing how to get access to Halo 2, look out for that in the next day or so :)


| Posted by Smasher9a | October 16, 2004 | - MSN 7

Well i always wanted to add a downloads section i could just never be stuffed but what better way to start off with Microsoft programs :)
Use the links below:

MSN Messenger 7.0.0205
MSN Messenger 7.0.0255
MSN Messenger 7 205 & 255 Patch
[Links Removed, Use Download Section]

actual download section coming soon, will feature a whole collection of small programs:)

7.0.0205 and 7.0.0255 are both releases of the MSN client and the patch is just there to remove annoying features from them such as a big "BETA" tag that is placed on top bar of MSN.

NOTE - These are beta version, there is no such thing as a complete MSN 7 yet!


| Posted by Smasher9a | September 28, 2004 | - New Index - Fits all Resolutions

That's right i have finally had a good 5 - 8 hours to sit back and work on my site. EVERY page is now 100% made to look its best regardless of what resolution you have. I know thousands of other website's on the net are like this and have been for ages but not many people have written all the code for it on their own.

About an hour or more was spent on testing with both Internet Explorer and Fire Fox and i didn't find anything wrong. Although i do get slack towards the end of a job so there still may be link errors. If there are i would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to Click Here and let me know.

The following are all the sub domains that i have spent time updating:

As you can all see under the banner there is a small bar the features 3 things:
Left: Link to the old index - old style of the site is still alive for all that liked that.
Middle (Only on the main page): Latest news post heading
Right: The date that particular page was last updated. All are set to 28th September 2004 and will be till updates are made.

What's next you ask? I have been contacted by the co-owner of the Apocalypse Server and have arranged to host there site as a sub domain. I do apologies to them as i have been slack getting back to them but i will start working with them in the next week. Hopefully we will see Apocalypse.smasher9a.com up by mid to late October.

Also i am not stupid, i know its only the 25th but this was planned for the 28th as a dedication to the 10th year of C&C. That's right Command & Conquer (later renamed Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn) was released in North America 10 years ago today (28th).


| Posted by Smasher9a | September 21, 2004 | - F**k Iraq

After seeing the video of Nick Berg and Eugene Armstrong getting beheaded i thought Iraq deserves a specially dedicated page. The only onsite link to this page is in the news section as i don't want to have it broadcast everywhere.

**WARNING** High Level Course Language and Violence on the following page.
Click Here to view the Iraq page.


| Posted by Smasher9a | September 11, 2004 |

I just realized it has been a while since my last update. What have i been doing you ask? One word 'XBox' :)

In the past 4 weeks i have been learning how to mod my XBox and setup it up properly. Not sure what all the fuss is about really, its bloody easy to do. I guess the last 9 years sitting in front of the computer may have helped but who's to say :)

Anyway i have got to the stage where the current setup/skins that are released are just not good enough for me :P It is because of this i have customized the dashboard to have the features i want where i want them and i am almost done with the skin for it to finish the look. I must say its allot better then the current crap out there but then again my opinion may be slightly one sided :)

For those of you that know what an XBox dashboard, the simplest way to explain it would be to say its a very simple operation system.

The XBox is not the only thing i have been up to though. I have been working on the code behind smasher9a.com and am currently experimenting with the way it fits on the page. For example this current site is suited to either 800x600 or 1024x768. that's all well and good but when someone with 2048x1536 the site will be a little window in the top center of the page and the rest being a big gray box lol. Anyway hopefully in the next few weeks that will be done. I am also thinking of creating a web template that will look like this site but that is still on the drawing board :)

Lastly i would like to thank the regular daily visitors, surprisingly there are 46 people a day. It also seems 95% of those people are going straight for the C&C Support section via a link on another site and avoiding my hit counter, well at least the cpanel visitor page keeps an actual hit counter that counts people where ever they come from lol

Not sure what happened last month but 31GB of transfers! I was like WTF! but i see it was the same IP leeching off the tactics videos trying to use my bandwidth up. Very funny but it may take a while, especially considering there is only 600MB hosted on this site and 150GB bandwidth limit :P


| Posted by Smasher9a | July 28, 2004 | - Forum Removed

Forums have been taken offline because of a few reasons:
1. Only 8 Members in 2 months, 4 of which are Admin's/Moderators
2. Forums users abusing each other.
It is clear to me that is just a waste of time for me maintaining it and hosting it so people can just post pure crap so its coming down for good. If you want to contact me Click Here to e-mail me.

On a more pleasant note, Renegade Desktop that i promised to have a final release online over 5 months ago is online. Jason has abandon it to work on more important projects so it will remain in beta stages for now and probably forever. Not a big deal though it worked very well and i only ever had a small bug with it but it was nothing big.


| Posted by Smasher9a | July 08, 2004 | - New Section (My Lancer)

On monday 5th July i went to hospital to have my wisdom teeth out, not sure why i am saying that but this is a news post and it my website so lets see anyone try and stop me :P

Anyway not much around smasher9a.com has happened as i have been too busy preparing for S-R-N.net, banners need to be created, scripts need to be arranged (even though 'ThE ArChItEcT' is doing all the scripts) and ROMs need to be uploaded. That is taking the longest to complete as there are so many that need to be found before i can upload them as well.

I have although had time to add "My Lancer" section that is basically pictures of my car lol. Also i have put a paypal donation section, don't worry it doesn't mean i need money or else i will be forced to shutdown its just there if anything wants to donate, 100% of donations will go S-R-N.net anyway lol


| Posted by Smasher9a | July 05, 2004 | - New Website!

Its been a slow two weeks since my last update and it may look like nothing has happened, but like in many cases there's more then meets the eye :) i have registered a new domain www.S-R-N.net that will sometime in the next couple of weeks have 600 CPS1, CPS2 and Neogeo roms on it. I will also expand to Mame32 if i get a chance to find all the 2,800 or so roms for it lol

The site will be 100% FREE only requiring users to take 2 minutes to signup and the only requirement to join is a e-mail address. :)

I also have the help of a very talented web designer known as the 'ThE ArChItEcT' helping me with all the coding of the site, i couldn't do it without him :)

Also just encase any of you are wondering S-R-N stand for Smasher9a's Rom Network :P


| Posted by Smasher9a | June 19, 2004 |

Smasher9a.com official forum is now online! Click Here to visit forums or click the menu button over the the side. The forum is using the basic Invision skin at the moment but will soon be replaced by a custom one made to suit this site.

Also all buttons have been replaced with slim-line versions as i feel they look more high tech and let me write more in them.


| Posted by Smasher9a | June 15, 2004 |

First off let me say i know its not the June 15th its only 13th but 13 is unlucky number and on the 14th last year my cat had to be put down so i choose 15th as nothing bad has happened on that date yet :)

Anyway now onto the actual news :) Renegade has now been officially given its own section and is also accessible directly by typing in your address bar "renegade.smasher9a.com" as is the map tactics section "tactics.smasher9a.com".

Soon i will be adding a few new sections, Windows themes consisting of mostly Nintendo theme to start with, a page dedicated to my car that will be full of pictures and update after each modification i plan to do which will also be listed there, and a wallpapers section (backgrounds encase you didn't know :P ) that will have some that i have designed and a few of my favorites.

Also encase anyone is wondering eyesnipeu is still around he is just very busy as he has started up a new Renegade server with a few other, Check out there site and forum by going to www.gamerzheaven.com other i hear they got some sweet download coming soon too :)


| Posted by Smasher9a | May 28, 2004 |

This site is no longer dedicated to renegade, all the old files will still be here and new files will be added but no support will be given for them.

This is now just a storage site for myself, don't get my wrong there will always be a place here for renegade fans and some fancy crap to download only difference is now there will be more then just Renegade here.


| Posted by Eyesnipeu | April 27, 2004 |

Hi ya guys thanks to Smasher9a i am here. I have gigs and gigs of Renegade goodies for you all.

So as soon as Smash gets the site fully loaded with space i will post hundreds of maps, mods and skins.

I am new to this website business guys so be gentle lol :)


| Posted by Smasher9a | April 09, 2004 |

Due to the release of RenGuard a few small problems have come up, RenGuard does not allow W3D files, all the weapon replacements are unfortunately w3d files so you will not be able to play on servers running RenGuard with custom weapon models.

The latest pack has been updated to avoid this problem and is available in the “Packs” Section.

Thanks MrDcukky for this notice, its greatly appreciated :)

| Posted by Smasher9a | April 09, 2004 |

Smasher9a.com is born! I am final out on my own, no more hosting from Fubar or Dangerous Gaming. Although this means my bandwidth is much lower it also means permanent and full access to FTP so I may be able to take on a few helpers in the near future.

Also I am now a developer at Danger Gaming (Dog Yard) server so the packs sections has been edited to suit.


| Posted by Smasher9a | February 15, 2004 |

Many changes in the Map Tactics / Exploits Section.

Also i am very pleased with the flood of new people to visit this site in last 24 hours, over 60 unique IP's.

I am also asking for signup's for people to join me, i need people to gather only the best files and skins. If you are interested please E-Mail me.


| Posted by Smasher9a | February 4, 2004 |

Well I bet none of you saw this coming, the tactics/exploits page is back and better then ever! It will soon cover all the fan maps, for more information simple click the “Map Tactics” button on the menu to your right.

Also a few changes have been made to the download section, a new file and different version of old files now available.


| Posted by Smasher9a | January 27, 2004 |

A few new updates have been made, I put all the packs into a "Packs" section and kept the downloads section for user submitted files. There only a few files there now but as you can see by the quality of those programs I am aiming to provide you all with the best :)

I am looking to get a few people helping with this site to speedy up the growth of it, If anyone is interested Email Me :)


| Posted by Smasher9a | January 22, 2004 |

Hello and welcome to my page on Fubar!

Here I will be posting all the stuff I make such as Gamers Pak, Map Pak and hopefully soon to be back online the Map Tactics page. I will also be adding what ever i can find such as skinning tutorials and so on.

Right now I have a lot planned for this site, not really sure how it's going to go but I have high expectations, guess we'll all find out over the coming weeks.


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